What We Do

Have you ever had a horse that bucks, stops, kicks, jumps, bites or other ill behavior for no reason at all?   Sometimes it is just a sign of the horse noticing and getting used to the new saddle, but it could also indicate a saddle fitting problem. Some of the more common behavioral cues that something may be wrong are when your horse:

  • Lays his ears back, swishes his tail, and tosses his head

  • Walks off when you try to girth up or mount

  • Bites the saddle

  • Excessively stumbles or simply refuses to move

  • Becomes sensitive to you touching his back

  • Increasingly acts up the longer you ride

  • Can't seem to relax under the saddle

  • Slows down, bucks, runs away for no apparent reason

We can help!  We specialize in hard to fit horses.  Saddle fit is our business! Give us a call today.