Pricing Policy

We charge .80/mile one way (not round trip) from Strasburg, Co to your location and $40 per horse for a single saddle fitting. Additional saddles that you own will be charged $10 per saddle.  For example, if you have a trail saddle and an all around saddle, the change would be $50. If you decide to purchase a saddle from us, we give you a credit for the saddle fitting charge.  Saddle fit is our business!


Please note: we are unable to fit saddles to your horse that you do not personally own.  This includes saddles that you borrow from a friend or have on loan from other shops.  We are a small business and we make our money by selling saddles, tack and pads.  We hope you understand this policy.

For any used saddle we offer a 14 day money back guarantee with a 10% restocking fee.  No returns on special order or new condition saddles.



We gladly take saddles on consignment.  We offer a 40/60 split with the 60% payment upon selling your saddle.